John Tzantarmas

Broker | Licensed Broker in the State of Oregon

John is a native Portlander who has lived and worked across the city, from SE to Happy Valley, to Downtown and beyond. Prior to working in real estate, John worked locally at a number of his family’s businesses, serving customers and assisting in planning large events. This experience has given him an eye for detail like none other.

When working with John, you will immediately be struck by how much he listens, understands, and puts his all into getting your real estate transaction accomplished with every detail perfectly executed. No matter who you are, a homeowner, an investor, or a business owner, buying real estate is a huge investment. John is there to listen to your needs and provide you with the knowledge you need to make the choice that fits those needs.

He is extremely familiar with the business landscape here in the Portland Metro Area – his family has owned and operated several businesses locally and John has worked with and coordinated activities with other local businesses through this connection. He has also served on the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee of Portland and currently works on community outreach through the nonprofit A.G.R.O., through which he has raised money for a number of important causes.

Being a native Portlander with family-built, owned, and operated businesses scattered throughout the city has provided John with an in-depth understanding of the varied Portland neighborhoods along with the advantages of living and working in each. This has given him the unique advantage of being as at home with commercial real estate as he is with residential transactions.

If you are hoping to work with a broker who will take care to get every detail of your transaction just right, give John a call today.